2021 Photo Contest

Thank You members for submitting the photos. We received 60 photos for 2021 contest.

What To Do

You may view the photos below either one at a time by clicking on the first photo and then using the arrow keys on each photo, or you may click on Show Slideshow. Note that each full size photo is numbered in the bottom right corner.

At the bottom of this page are two boxes. In the first you should enter YOUR email address so we are not confused about who has and has not voted. In the second box labeled “Add Numbers of Your 10 Favorite Photos Here” you should enter the numbers of your 10 favorite photos.
They do not need to be in numeric order.

When you are finished, click on the Submit button and your votes will be sent to Jerry Cleland for the final count.

Note: The contest will end at midnight Monday January 18, 2021 so please be sure to vote by then.